Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Christmas Celebrations

One of the questions about living in a Middle Eastern country, was what about Christmas?  Would it feel like Christmas, would we be able to celebrate?  The answer is mixed.  The weather was cool, but still too warm to really "feel" like Christmas and there was no chance of a white Christmas (or so we thought).  However, between Ian's office, the Embassy itself and the boys' school, we had numerous parties and outings to put is in the spirit.  We had a lovely little tree (could only hold about 1/3 of my ornaments) and tons of presents from friends and family to put under it.  We celebrated a bit early, because we left for Egypt on 22 Dec.

Pictures from the office party.

Picture from the American Women's League Christmas tea at the Ambassadors residence

Decorating our tree.  Twinkletoes was supervising.

 The English School Winter Festival.  Including decorating cookies and snuggling up and watching Elf.

Embassy holiday party.  More cookie decorating and SNOW!!!

I can't believe you are making me have fun.

Class party fun at The English School (Jamie's class - all of Year 4)

Braden and Gavin's class party (all of Year 2) 

We did Christmas a few days early, so the boys could open presents and play with them before we travelled to Egypt.

So EXCITED!  The long awaited game.

This one made me cry.  A beautiful album of pictures of the boys with "Miss Brittany"

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