Tuesday, July 19, 2016

One Week

So, we arrived one week ago tonight and have encountered so many different things.  Because it is hot we haven't done as much exploring as I would've liked to, but we will get out and about more soon.

We tend to wait until the late afternoon/evening to go out as it is cooler (100 degrees versus 120 degrees), here are some pictures from a couple of our excursions.

We enjoyed an early evening swim at a local hotel (Radisson Blu) followed by a scrumptious buffet in one of the hotel restaurants.

The ship masts in the background are for another restaurant called Al Boom, which is on a traditional dhow.  Looking forward to trying it out sometime.

The problem with swimming at night is it is really hard to get pictures.

So many things to choose from - including Indian, traditional Middle Eastern and even Italian.  No one went away hungry.  Especially with the numerous dessert options.

Thought we'd get out to a "play area" at a local McDonald's on the beach.  The views would be amazing, if it weren't so hazy/dusty.  Even the food here seems fancy.

You can just barely make out the famous Kuwaiti Towers in the haze in distance.