Sunday, November 20, 2016

Halloween Celebrations in Kuwait

We had two Halloween celebrations this year.  One at the boys' school and one at the Embassy.  We teamed up with another family and created Pokemon-themed costumes.  Ian and I were evil Pokemon trainers (Jessie and James) and Jamie was our evil Pokemon, Arbok.  Gavin was a good Pokemon Squirtle and Braden was a good Pokemon, Pikachu.

We had so much fun at both celebrations.

As Trick or Treating isn't a recognized custom here in Kuwait, both the school and the Embassy organized Trunk or Treats for the kids.  They had so much fun trick or treating at the houses and cars on the Embassy and the cars at their school.  There was no shortage of candy!  I will say that our trunk was woefully under-decorated by comparison.  Some of the decorations were amazing!

School Break Fun

 During the week-long Eid break, we took advantage of the time off to visit some local attractions.  Including the aquarium at The Scientific Center, Kuwait and a local water park.  The kids had a blast.

 Post aquarium treats sitting by the Gulf.

Scenes from Kuwait

 Kuwait has mostly rebuilt from the Iraq occupation in 1990 and subsequent Gulf War.  There is some gorgeous modern architecture, as well as more tradition arab buildings.  It is not as slick as some other cities, like Dubai, but does have a charm.

View of the Arabian Coast

G&B on the coast with the Kuwaiti Towers in the background

Just a really cool building

One of the MANY Lamborghinis we see driving around town

Liberation Tower

Ooredo building

Fun building lights