Thursday, August 4, 2016


While it is too hot to get out and around town to do too much exploring, we have been getting out and about a bit.  Here are some pictures from a few of our outings.

We had the unexpected pleasure of meeting and speaking to US Navy Astronaut, Barry E. "Butch" Wilmore.  He showed us the most incredible video of his time on the International Space Station.  The boys were fascinated, they remembered being in a friend's backyard earlier this summer and watching the ISS pass overhead.

Huge thanks to and for bringing Butch to visit us at the Embassy.

Gavin wanted to know if they had tacos on the moon.

The boys have been taking swim lessons with SwimAmerica at the Qadsiya Sporting Club.  Gorgeous Olympic quality facility that hasn't really been kept up, but the boys love that they let them jump off the diving boards.

Gavin contemplating the 1m platform

The boys all contemplating the 5m platform (yes 15ft above the water)
I wasn't able to capture a picture, but Braden did jump off the 5m platform several times.  All the boys jumped off the 1m and 3m with no hesitation.

Gavin jumping off the 3m springboard

Chilling at the Radisson Blu hotel pool.

One of the women I met at the Embassy volunteers several times a week at the Amricani Cultural Centre.

"The graceful buildings facing the sea in Kuwait City reflect the commitment to community in the country’s past and future.  From medical buildings to cultural facilities, the buildings that make up the Amricani Cultural Centre have served the people of Kuwait since the late 1930s.  Originally built as the American hospitals for women and men, the buildings incorporated arched verandas that were visually appealing, conducive to socialization, and provided ventilation and cooling breezes in the warm summer months.  As hospitals, the buildings served Kuwait for almost thirty years.  Today, the buildings continue to serve the community.  The former women’s hospital is the temporary home of the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah administrative offices and the library.  The larger building, originally the men’s hospital, is a training museum that includes two current exhibitions, Splendors of the Ancient East: Antiquities from the al-Sabah Collection and Story of Amricani, and temporary exhibition space.  There is also an education wing, a conservation lab, and a theatre. Since it opened as a cultural centre in November 2011, the Amricani is once again alive with visitors. Conversations will waft down from the verandas, as people explore art and culture exhibitions from around the world and future Kuwaiti museum specialists begin their training."

The Amricani

Kids listening to "Beautiful Oops"

Waiting for their "oops"
Gavin's Butterfly

Braden's Stingray

Jamie's Egyptian Pyramid