Saturday, July 16, 2016

Our Home

I was going to wait until our stuff arrived and I was able to hang pictures, etc., but so many people have asked what our house looks like that I have taken some preliminary pictures.  So, without further ado the grand house tour.

Location, location, location

 Dining room (and bathroom #1)

Living room (and front door)
 The tiny kitchen (most Kuwaitis eat out) This is down the hall behind the dining room.

Laundry room (and bathroom #2) - across the hall from the kitchen

Bedroom #1 (main level also across from kitchen) and bathroom #3 (not shown)

Basement (sitting area 1 underneath living room)

Basement area 2 (underneath dining room) also known as the poker room

Staircase (upstairs/downstairs) - also 1 of the 4 doors to the outside "garden".  There is a 6 foot wide garden from the house to the wall around the entire house.  Basically, without sprinklers it is a sand moat.  As I have no green thumb to speak of, it is unlikely to improve during our tenure.

Upstairs hallway/sitting area (will likely become my office area) Master Bedroom is just to the left.

Gran & Grump's room (to the right of upstairs hallway) Bathroom #4 between this room and Braden and Gavin's room.

Braden and Gavin's room (complete with sleeping boys)

Jamie's Room (also with sleeping boy) (there is another bedroom between Jamie's room and Braden and Gavin's room) Bathroom #5 is outside of Jamie's room.

Master Bedroom

Another view of the Master Bedroom (and Bathroom #6)  There are no closets in this house.  Not a single one.  Not a coat closet, not a linen closet, not a pantry.  All the rooms have at least two of the cabinets pictured on the left, so we will make use of those.

The rooftop.  There are two of these massive Carrier HVAC units and the upstairs is still 80 degrees regardless of what you set the temp to.  There is room for furniture up here, if the weather ever gets mild enough, but definitely not a play area.

View of our street from the roof

So, for those counting it is 3 levels, 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms (3 full/3 half) and about 6000ft(2)


  1. Love some of the rugs. That kitchen would be bloody annoying though!

    1. Agree, wholeheartedly. Looking forward to doing some rug shopping while we are here. Thinking I'm going to take the table out of the kitchen and buy a bench for more workspace.

  2. wow - 6 bedrooms! and who cleans 6 bathrooms LOL yikes!!! looks really nice!!!